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JONATHAN CHERRY: What got you started with photography?

RYAN DUFFIN: I was 13 and looking for something to do. I had dipped my toes in photography a couple of times before and always had fun. As soon as I picked up a camera it immediately felt right and took off from there.

JC: Any emerging artists inspiring you at the moment?

RD: I’m really into Ryan Pfluger’s portraiture, he is definitely one of my main inspirations at the moment. Other than that it’s projects like these, the Flickr community, and random photo blogs that really inspire me to be better.

JC: Whats your current project all about?

RD: Basically I’m just trying to capture my life and the town I live in before I move away. I’m trying to find interest and beauty in a place where I never thought I could. Sometimes it’s good to look around with a new set of eyes, and it’s teaching me to see and enjoy my surroundings. No real projects other than making as many photographs as I possibly can and building my portfolio.

JC: Where are you currently living and how is it shaping you?

RD: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. It’s small and has an even smaller art scene. It’s forcing me to be creative within my boundaries. I don’t dislike where I’m from, but it has given me motivation to get out and do it big.

JC: One piece of advice to recent photography graduates?

RD: I’m starting my first semester of school in the fall, so it isn’t really in my place to give advice. I can, however, share advice I’ve been given. Basically I’m going to try to make out of my education what I want, think differently, shoot often, network and force myself even further out of my comfort zone.

JC: Any big plans for 2012?

RD: Moving New York City. So. Stoked. Other than that- shoot, explore, do crazy fun things.

JC: Favourite tree?

RD: The tall ones, the ones with the leaves & the wood bodies. I also like the ones that birds call home.

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